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The link between a parish and its school is in both community and formality. St William of Perth School was founded by the Archdiocese of Southwark on behalf of the Rochester Parish of St John Fisher. The parish is the reason for the school's existence and provides the major part of the governing body for the school. These "foundation" governors are appointed by the Archbishop.

The Church provides the school primarily for the education of its children but happily accommodates other children whenever there is room. Anyone attending the school is considered an equally important member of our parish community - and so for that matter is their family, and indeed, the school staff too.

The parish priest, Fr Neil Vincent, provides a chaplaincy to the school so that the parish's pastoral and spiritual care can extend to the school. With regular visits and services Fr Neil Vincent maintains a steady contact with the staff and children.

The school is always kept within the prayer life of the parish and the spiritual journeys of many of the children are celebrated in the sacraments of Holy Communion and Reconciliation. The parish, in partnership with the school, offers preparation programmes for these sacraments to children in year 3 and above and the school's R.E. syllabus lends close support.

Parish Priest

Father Neil Vincent


Deacon Malcolm Turner

Deacon Felim McCarthy

Sunday Mass

9:00 am

11:00 am

6:00 pm

Holy Day Mass

10:00 am

8:00 pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday: from 10:30 am

Saint John Fisher
Maidstone Road

Canon Close

Telephone 01634 845430

Email stjohnfisherchurch@btinternet.com

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