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Attend a social or fundraising event

One thing we can say is that you will meet new people and leave the event having made new friends.

Support fundraising initiatives

Do you have a practical skill? Could you spare some time to do some photocopying or do you have printing, marketing, or technical skills that we could use? Can you make cakes, biscuits or buns? Are you any good at woodwork or do you shop on-line? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you can help the PTA.  Send in some cakes for fun day or one of the social events, donate good quality clothes for the blue bag collection or even help with wrapping for the Mother and Father’s day shops.

Volunteer at PTA events

You could sell drinks or sweets or help make hotdogs at the Summer Fun Day or maybe help organise an event. Why not offer to run a stall, sell raffle tickets or donate a raffle prize? Can you write letters to different organisations and ask for donations? Whatever it is, every little counts and is appreciated.

Ask your Employer

Why not see if your employer would be willing to donate a prize for the raffles and auctions we run throughout the year or can help by donating some office supplies or even doing some photocopying for us. Many employers offer a Charity matching programme or will donate to an individual nominated charity; the employee normally has to help directly with an event. The PTA is a registered charity (Charity Registration Number 1121459).

Join in with School Projects

There are a number of projects where we need all the help we can get. In the past a few mums have helped to audit the school library so that all the books could be loaded onto the new library system. Another all hands on deck was where a group of parents gathered one sunny October afternoon to pick apples and clear the bad apples from the field. We need gardeners to maintain the pond area and various skills for our amazing Funday.

Provide new ideas

If you have any new ideas for raising funds or just for getting together and having a good time then please let us know. We are always on the lookout for new things to try. Even better if you are able to run the event we can help you.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to become more involved with the PTA, whether it's simply joining our meetings or socials,  joining our mailing list or helping out at events then please get in touch with us via the PTA email address or just chat to your class representative.


All PTA members can be contacted via the PTA email address