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School Rules

At St William of Perth we are very proud of the behaviour of all our pupils and believe that it plays a vital part in their learning.

We have agreed on four golden rules which all members of our school community have agreed to follow. These rules are:

Golden Rules

1.            Follow instructions. Listen to all adults working in the school.
2.            Be gentle, kind and polite: keep hands, feet and unkind words to yourself.
3.            Value people’s belongings; respect the school and other people’s property.
4.            Be honest and tell the truth.

Orange slips

If a child breaks these golden rules in a serious manner or a consistent basis an orange slip is issued, showing the child that they have broken the rules.


If a child receives an orange slip they miss the playtime immediately following the incident (whether playtime or lunchtime) and in exceptional circumstances the following day’s playtime or lunchtime. Pupils who receive orange slips sit outside the staff room or the corridor alongside the library nearest the wall and are routinely checked by staff.


Classes who do not receive any orange slips are awarded a certificate during assembly and given a class reward agreed by their class teacher e.g. some extra class golden time.

Behaviour Policy