St. William of Perth
Catholic Primary School

Canon Close

Tel: 01634 404267
The Curriculum at
St. William of Perth
At St. William of Perth we believe that our most important role as educators is to develop
in our children a love of lifelong learning where natural curiosity, creativity, an inquisitive
nature and a desire to explore the world and their own passion is encouraged.
We invite and encourage parents to engage with CLASS DOJO  to receive regular updates
on the latest news and publications of their children's learning.  
On this web page you will find information about the intent of our curriculum, how the curriculum is implemented and reflections by leaders about the impact and future direction of our curriculum. We strive to have a creative curriculum that encourages life long learning. As a result our curriculum is continually evolving. 
Curriculum Vision and Intent  
 In this section you will find information about the vision we have for our curriculum.  
Implementation - Curriculum Mapping  
In this section you will find documents that show how our curriculum is organised and sequenced. The curriculum has been designed to show links and progression as children progress through the Year Groups.
Creative Curriculum Map  
Impact - Subject on a Page
As a school we reflect on our curriculum delivery and in this section you will find our subject leaders analysis of the impact and the future direction of their subjects.