St. William of Perth
Catholic Primary School

Canon Close

Tel: 01634 404267

Headteacher - Mr. J. Willis

Deputy Head - Mrs. A. Kinslow (Curriculum coordinator)

Head of Key Stage 1 - Mrs. M. O'Connor (Literacy lead)
Head of key Stage 2 - Mr. P. Parr (RE lead)

Head of SEN and Pupil Premium - Mrs. T. Ward



Year R - Miss. L. Dormedy (EYFS lead & Learning environment lead )

Year 1 - Miss. L. Kelly (Maths lead)

Year 2 - Miss. R. Everett (Science) and Mrs Ward (SENDCO)

Year 3 – Mr. G. Wilkins (PE lead)

Year 4 - Mrs. A. Kinslow (Curriculum coordinator) and Mrs. K. Harnett (Computing lead)

Year 5 – Miss. J. Routledge (RSE, PSHE and Citizenship lead) 

Year 6 - Mr. P. Parr (RE lead)

Madame M. Duperrey - Modern Foreign Languages  - French 
Forest school - Mrs. C. Crowther (Forest school lead) & Mrs. S. Smith (Forest school support) 

Learning Intervention Support

Ms. L. Green 



Mrs. S. Meredith and Mrs. C. Eastwood


Teaching Assistants

Mrs. H. Devitt, Mrs. G. Faulkner, Mrs. F. Kent, Miss. A. Lane,  Mrs. G. Barker, Mrs. S. Lingham, Mrs. D. Kelly, Mrs. S. Smith, Miss. L. Pettman and Mr. D. Bradley.

Midday Meals Supervisors

Mrs. A. Randall, Mrs. M. Baker, Mrs. S. Goldrup, Mrs. S. Hopper and Mr D. Bradley

Mrs N. Kearney 


Mrs. B. Slade and Mrs. A. Felstead

Mr. S. Mennie 
No members of staff at this school earn £100,000 or above