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In partnership with a number of neighbouring schools we have been taking part in a  number of themed masterclass workshops led by experts in a variety of fields. These "Masters" include playwrights, musicians, sculptors, authors, scientists and sports people.  Each term we visit different schools and experience a themed workshop. In the autumn term we learned about poetry techniques from a local playwright while in the spring term we looked at printing techniques from a local artist. Please visit this page to see examples of our work from the masterclasses. Our work has been displayed at Sun Pier house in Chatham and we had had several celebration evenings where Councillor Mike O'Brien attended.

Art Masterclass
A local artist taught us about printing techniques and here our compositions.

Poetry Masterclass
A local playwright taught us about how to use poetic techniques in our writing and how to write a cinquain. We were allowed to choose a theme to write a poem about. Here are some of our poems that we performed at the poetry recital at Sun Pier House.

Kaitlyn – Year 6

A streak of light entered the darkness.

The moon was florescent

My heart was racing as I tread down the path.

My only guidance was a faint light

The gate swung open and I walked out into the streets.

So apprehensive, heart skipped a beat.

Could I ever survive, out on my own?

Or would I have to trail back to my unwelcome home?

Food Chain – Malachy Year 5

This is how you get food:

Crows find leftovers to eat,

Wolfs eat pigs as a treat,

Most grazers just bleat.


Time for your hunting drills,

Just remember,

Don’t eat ducks bills!

And you’re a family member.


Grazers include sheep,

Sheep bleat,

Rams eat,

Neither eats any meat.


It’s Christmas Time (Cinquain) – Ibukun Year 5

Bells ring,

It’s Christmas time,

Snow falling all around,

It’s here!


It’s Christmas Time – Longer version Ibukun Year 5

I like Christmas it’s a wonderful time of year,

Well let’s get ready for Christmas time it’s actually nearly here,

The time that makes us glad,

Why would you ever feel sad?

The day you gather with your family,

You sit together by the Christmas tree,

Everyone’s faces filled with laughter,

But mostly our father,

I like Christmas it’s a wonderful time of year,

Now I’m getting ready for Christmas time because it’s almost here!!


Christmas time – Shenise Yr 5

All of our faces full of laughter

The sound of my sister going “faster, faster”

Everyone sitting round the Christmas tree

Everyone’s faces full of glee!

Here comes the Christmas chocolate cake

It looked so good I thought it was fake!

Mum puts the music on, we all dance away

“Do you hear that jingling sound I say?”

It’s Santa clause here he comes

I can just hear his wonderful hums

He swished his beard, grey and long

And then he started singing a song!


Poem about War by Cordelia Year 6

Imagine watching direct bombs plunge down from the stars,

Emerging from the mist that hovered above the muddy trenches.

Imagine watching the barbed wire fence de-wire and tumble down on top of you,

So that you’re hooked under its dominant power as you struggle to escape and save your best friend … as you watch him collapse and fall …


Dreaming, that the sky will turn a dark blue as the moon shines over the hills,

Believing, the stars will run wild making the sun go completely mad.

Wishing, that romance takes its toll as the world goes soft and tender.

Hoping …


Imagine hearing your children from far over hills bellowing to yo,

Possibly never seeing them again.

Imagine hearing thousands of millisons of bulelts being blasted out of guns,

Sustaining in a young man’s blood, searching through the soul of an innocent.

Imagine smelling the fresh burning of embers and the winter frosty night,

Possibly never seeing them again.

Imagine, smelling the toxic fumes from bombs and the rising, wispy smoke that curled

Arose like menacing serpents.

Imagine smelling danger …

Imagine being the soldier who charged past light into the darkness, honourably clutching his gun as he aimed at the victims,


Risking it all …

Love …

Hope …

Faith …

Justice …

Courage …


And life …

… To save a country, by murdering your own brother …

War truly was a traumatising end to many young lives…

Imagine … that was you…

Science Masterclass 
We went to a local secondary school and learnt about forces. We made parachutes and watched to find out which had the slowest descent. We also had to make a structure to safely support a marble.