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Year 3 Sikh Gurdwara Visit

On the 10th March Year 3 visited the Medway Towns Sikh Gurdwara in Rochester. The children visited this place of worship to learn about Sikhism. Here are some photographs and reports about their visit.


Our class visited the local Gurdwara. As soon as we got there the boys and girls were separated to take our shoes and coats off. We had to wear something on our heads to be respectful. At first a Sikh showed us to a prayer room where we saw a priest waving around the Guru Granth Sahib which is their prayer book. Mr Upper taught us about the five k’s which are Kesh, Kara, Kanga, Kaccha and the Kirpar which was really interesting. The Sikhs have a symbol called the Khanda whih is a flag. We then got to see the priest sing to their holy book. This is a way they show their respect. They gave us biscuits and a drink and we thanked them as we left.


When we arrived at the Gurdwara Mr Upper explained the rules. We had to take off our shoes and put something over our heads. Next we went to the main hall, there was a priest waving feathers for respect. He told us lots of information about Sikhism and explained the 5 k’s. They are Kesh, Kangha, Kara, Kachera and Kirpar. He explained how they all show respect. The first Guru was Nanak and then there were 9 more. Afterwards he showed us the Holy book called the Langar. We learnt that there are over 30,000,000 Sikhs across the world.