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Disability Awareness - It's all normal

During our Anti Bullying week we were visited by John McCorkell who led all the classes in workshops to develop the children's understanding of disability awareness. Below are some photographs of the activities from the workshops and some comments from the children about what they learnt.  

"When John came in it was fun but it also reminded me that other people aren't as lucky as us and we should remember that disabled people are still humans who are not to be treated differently." Ibukun Year 6 

"It was really interesting. We tried using sign language and a sheet of actions. We pretended we were deaf." Bailey Year 5 

 "The workshop was fun. You got to feel how it was if you were blind or deaf or in a wheelchair. My favourite bit was when I was in the wheelchair." Teddy Year 4

"I learnt that it can be very hard for people who are disabled and they need help from their friends." Rosie Year 2 

"In partners one person was in a wheelchair and was given directions of what to get for their partner from the other end of the room." Kibebe Year 5 

"John taught us how to be kind to people who are disabled. It was really good." Alfie Year 2