St. William of Perth
Catholic Primary School

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Anti Bullying 




At St. William of Perth Catholic Primary School, we have high standards of behaviour and believe that all children and members of the community should be valued, treated fairly and feel safe within our school. We acknowledge that bullying can happen, and we recognise that it is within our duty of care to ensure that not only are bullying incidents are dealt with properly, but also to ensure that the school is actively working towards to continuously educating the children to prevent bullying as much as possible.

Key Principles

We aim to ensure that positive relationships are a key part of each child’s everyday experience at school, so that they are able to succeed in all aspects of their life.

The key principles of St William of Perth School are that:

· Every child has the right to learn in a happy, safe and secure environment so that they can strive for personal achievement and awareness.

· The positive contribution of each child is necessary for the good of the school as an inclusive community.

· All members of the school community have the right to be trusted, treated fairly and respected as individuals.

· All members of our school community practise forgiveness and reconciliation.

· A positive system of praise and rewarding good behaviour reinforces a child’s sense of worth and helps them to acquire self-discipline.

·    All members of our school community are praised and recognised for their success.

Resources for anti-bullying 

Ideas for books related to anti bullying:

United Against Bullying

Anti Bullying Week 2021

St William of Perth children designed their own anti- bullying posters.