St. William of Perth
Catholic Primary School

Canon Close

Tel: 01634 404267

 St William of Perth Prayer Pilgrims   

Every class in our school has a Prayer Pilgrim; some classes have more than one.  A Prayer Pilgrim is someone who will helps their class to pray and to learn about God. They also help in assembly by leading prayers and singing. These children try their best to be good role models and caring friends to everyone in our school community. Every term they meet with the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher for a “Gospel tea” and suggest ways to help their friends to pray and to understand Jesus better. To become a Prayer Pilgrim the children had to write a letter of application and were then interviewed by their class teacher. If you want to find out more about the Prayer Pilgrims at St William of Perth school click on the link below which explains their responsibilities and duties.


Prayer Pilgrims 2018 - 2019
Year 6: Louie and Sammy
Year 5: Mathew and Grace
Year 4: Alana Jane and Megan
Year 3: Tommy and Ava
Year 2: Louie and Mia
Year 1: Sapphire and Harry C